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Why Us


We want you to live your life and be the best of you!
Some of our most important principles are:

  • Free will and self choices!
  • There is no hierarchy, we all are colleagues!
  • Self confidence in your true value!

There is no hierarchy, we all are colleagues!
We are a team but every member is unique! Trusting each other is progress!

Hiring Process

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Hiring process

Send your resume (CV)

This is the first step, and the most important. You found us, are you a perfect match for our available spot? This is it, prepare your CV in any format. Make sure you include your name and contact information, your objectives,  your professional history using some keywords and also a recent picture of you, will help. Include your education, certifications, any other relevant information and send us your application via email (email address).

Application hiring process

We’ve received your application

Once we receive your application, give us 2-3 weeks as we need to discuss your application, to check your professional history and decide if you are a good fit in our team. 


Let’s hear each other (initial interview 30min)

We are done! Your profile it’s a perfect match and we are about to call you and find a good time for the first interview. In this initial interview, we would like to know more about you, about your plans and how we will work together. 

Apart from that, we are preparing a test for you and we will give you a deadline to finish it 🙂

Practical test

No worries! It is not a big deal. We just want to see your level so we can know from where to start to. Also, if you have any questions, we are here to help.

The interview

The technical interview (1h)

The interview it’s online, so you don’t have to be in/from Cluj. 

We will have a discussion about 1 hour, of course depending also on your availability. In this time, we will like to cover as many aspects as possible, aspects like working hours, your responsibilities, salary and the results of your practical test.

Join our team

We’ve made our decision

You’ve done great! Our feedback is positive and we believe that you should join our team. 

Our trip is about to start so we will let you know what documents you need to prepare, we will have someone to train you on your first day and we are ready to welcome you in our Ag-Prime family.

Start a Project With Us

Your project will be developed upon the latest modern coding and developing techniques, using the most up-to-date, structured coding frameworks. Let’s discuss your business needs!